Client Testimonials:

“I stepped outside of my comfort zone in a safe, supporting and positively critical environment. I really enjoyed all the informal exercises and impromptu presentations. It allowed me to start exercising the public speaking muscle I don’t get to exercise nearly as often as I would like to.”

Ana L., Business Professional

“I gained confidence and dramatically improved my speech.”

Alex A., Business Owner

“I really enjoyed the diacotomy of the spontaneous/prepared exercise.”

Brian B., NYU Stern student

“I got to see my main weakness and how to overcome it.”

Melissa T., Columbia Business School student

“I loved the hands-on practice and the opportunity to be completely creative.”

Josh M., NYU Stern student

“I gained a better understanding of how people see me when I speak.”

Megan O., Healthcare Professional

“Loved the personalized feedback. You were very good at immediately understanding the core of each person’s strengths and growth areas. Very helpful to receive feedback and then immediately be able to speak again and act on that feedback – it helps it sink in and valuable to see the improvement.”

Rachel B., Business Professional





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